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Welcome to Sustainable Preparedness, where we help you reclaim noble independence in an unstable world! There is a LOT going on at the Meissner Cabin in northern Idaho. Nick and Lisa are busy working on a variety of different projects to help YOU be prepared and live a more sustainable lifestyle. We LOVE what we do and invite you to join us in our adventure of Sustainable Preparedness!


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  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Combustor.jpg

    Of Clogged Combustors and Wood Stoves

    Okay, so I have a confession to make… 2016 was a crazy year in our lives and last fall I was so pushed for time that I was late in getting my firewood in. So late that some of it wan’t totally cured ...

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_hummingbird-sm.jpg

    Fierce little warriors in the orchard!

    As our cherries were ripening, the yellow fruit was turning orange and red, and I imagine the local bird community was watching with baited breath, awaiting their opportune moment--when the cherries ...

  • I-Quit.jpg

    I quit!

    I want to share with you a few old words of wisdom that prompted me to quit some things.It's a quick excerpt from an old book on agriculture that was given to me. "Some people seem to think they mu ...

  • Low (or no) Cost Planter Pots

    Commercial planter pots are very nice to have, but when you are starting a LOT of new plants and your budget is tight, it could be difficult to come up with enough of them. Here is a nifty low cost o ...

  • Early Spring Gardening Things

    We're starting to have some springy weather, and it makes me think about fall garden chores that somehow didn't get done in the fall!  By late fall all "efficient" gardeners have cleared out old ...

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