Training Sessions - Spokane 2013


We are very pleased to host an amazing lineup of information-packed training by experienced instructors throughout the day.  This schedule is subject to change.


 Training Session Schedule


 Hands-on Area

This year we have some extra special hands-on classes that will help you to be more prepared. The Suturing class and the Dental Workshop have limited space for the hands-on participants. You will be able to sit and watch (from a distance) but if you would like to participate you must register for the class.

10:45-11:30     Bug Out Bag - Everything But The Kitchen Sink (no registration required) Rick Hall
12:45-2:45   Intro To Wound Management & Suturing Technique (register here) David Pruett, MD (AMP-3)
3:45-4:45   Emergency Dental Workshop (register here) Howard Shayne, DDS

Session A

10:45     Medical Emergencies In Austere Conditions David Pruett, MD (AMP-3)
11:45   Preparedness In Dentistry Howard Shayne, DDS
12:45   The Plan To Plant: What It Takes To Grow ALL Your Food Bob Gregory (Berea Gardens)
1:45   Homestead Home Business Revolution  Dave Westbrook (Country Living University)
2:45   Herbs, When There is no Doctor Walt Cross (The Mustard Seed)
3:45   Adding "Sustainable" To Preparedness Craig Meissner (Sustainable Preparedness)
4:45   Know Your Enemy: Dealing With Pests In The Garden Bob Gregory (Berea Gardens)

Session B

10:45     All About Crosscut Saws Jerry Plocher
11:45   What is Biodiesel And How Is It Produced? Ron Zeitner (North West Diesel Off-Road)
12:45   Permanent Water Well Hand Pumps Fred Houck (Storm Pumps)
1:45   No Gasoline? No Problem! Run Your Engine On Wood Varrell Jackson (All American Wood Gas)
2:45   Practical System Design For Off-Grid Power Brian Betz (Backwoods Solar)
3:45   Modern Wood Cook Stoves & Range Boilers Daniel Fenoff (Stoves & More)
4:45   Health Outcomes After A Nuclear Disaster & Ways To Mitigate Health Impact Myron Mills, MD, MPH

Session C

10:45     Saving Seeds for Sustainable Gardens Rachel Otto (White Oak Valley Farm)
11:45   Sprouts, The Essential Survival Food Crystal DuBoyce (Maui Vegetarian)
12:45   Amateur Radio, Communications During Emergencies Carlos Antuna
1:45   Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down Kevin & Janiene Rise (THRIVE)
2:45   Prepping for EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Joel Ho
(MobileSec Solutions)
3:45   Financial Strategies for the Present and
Coming Economic Challenges
David Lehrman (DJ's Coins)
4:45   Canning Nuts & Making Sauerkraut Margrit Kraus

Presenter Bio's

Fire Chief Walt Cross

Walt Cross has been fighting fires for 30 years.  He now serves as fire chief for a rural fire department and is owner of Firehouse Stoves.  Walt is a man of many talents, and in addition to his fire fighting duties, he has been operating a health food store for years with such an outstanding reputation that customers travel long distances to tap into his extensive knowledge of herbs and other natural remedies.


Daniel Fenoff

Daniel and his wife Susan founded Stoves and More after spending 2 years living among the "plain people" and learning the art of using a wood cook stove and non-electric living.  After that time, they implemented renewable energy into their lives.  But all the while they knew they had a lot of knowledge and experience gleaned from the plain people that would be most valuable to homesteaders and preppers alike--so Stoves and More was birthed!  Not only do the Fenoffs specialize in Amish made wood cook stoves, but they also sell deep well hand pumps, propane refrigerators, heavy-duty renewable energy batteries, and other off-grid equipment.

The Daniel will be presenting a seminar on wood cook stoves in general and how to implement a passive thermosiphon hot water system with your wood cook stove.


Bob Gregory

Bob Gregory is the Owner and Director of the Berea Gardens Agriculture Center in Minnora, WV.  Berea Gardens is an organic market farm, agriculture training center and seed bank.  Bob has over 40 years experience in production agriculture and worked most of that time as a Certified Crop Consultant and large scale Farm Manager in California and Mexico working with both conventional and organic growers on a wide variety of crops grown on over 60,000 acres.  He also taught agriculture for nine years at Hartland College in Virginia. He lives what he teaches and has been food self sufficient for the past three years.


David Lehrman

David has been watching & trading in the precious metals market for nearly 10 years.  He has also been involved with 3 coin clubs during this time. David is currently serving as President of the Lakeway Coin Club in Morristown Tennessee, and will be bringing attendees valuable information on bartering with goods and services in tough economic times.


Rachel Otto

Rachel and her family run White Oak Valley Farm in east Tennessee.  She grows a large variety of fresh produce available to local customers during the summer.  They also specialize in growing heirloom tomatoes and peppers.  Besides going to college, she loves to grow heirloom foods and save seeds.  She began selling on eBay in 2005 with 4 varieties of heirloom seeds available. Now, 5 years later, she has sold seeds to over 3000 satisfied customers in every state of the USA.  Rachel now grows 40-50 varieties of tomatoes each year and has seeds available for over 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and peppers.


Dave Westbrook

Dave is an author, international speaker and the founder of Country Living University. His country living journey began more than 10 years ago when he moved his family to the mountains of north eastern Washington to live a more simple, natural way of life. In 2004, he and his family started sharing their message of a better way of life through their “Out of the Cities” rallies hosted in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and other metropolitan areas across the United States.  In 2009, Dave directed “America’s Cities: The Coming Crisis”. This documentary film gave him the opportunity to personally interview leading authorities in America on  major threats looming in the future of metropolitan areas, and the benefits of a country lifestyle.  In 2011, Dave launched Country Living University, an online training site equipping individuals and families with the skills needed to successfully achieve a country lifestyle.

In his seminar, Dave will be sharing from his experience and extensive research in current marketing to show you how a successful home business in rural areas is very possible, even in today's economy.


David Pruett, MD

Dr. Pruett's interest in emergency preparedness became acutely focused in 1989 during the 7.6 Loma Prieta Earthquake. Following events during and after the earthquake, he fully recognized the need to always be prepared and self-reliant during localized disasters and times of economic / social collapse. Before attending medical school, he spent eight years as a California paid-call Firefighter/EMT. Dr. Pruett is a residency trained board-certified Emergency Physician practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to civilian practice, he spent 11 years as an Emergency Physician on active duty with the U.S. Navy.

Dr. Pruett has a special interest in field expedient and emergency medicine in austere conditions. He is an active HAM radio operator (KF7ETX) that enjoys portable and emergency communications. Dr. Pruett enjoys sharing his passion for preparedness, amateur radio, and life adventures on his YouTube channel USNERDOC. Visit his website to sign up for the suturing class at


Howard Shayne, DDS

Dr. Shayne is a general dentist practicing in Springfield, MO with his wife ML, who is also a dentist.  They have a very succesful restorative/family practice of 20 years.  They both are Baylor College of Dentistry grads and both taught at the dental school after graduation for three years.  They have two children that are in college as of this August.  Their interest and involvement in preparedness has been over the last 5 years.  He will give a seminar on preparedness in dentistry and also give a hands-on class teaching participants how to deal with dental emergencies in a practical way!


Craig Meissner

Craig Meissner has been advocating a “sustainable” lifestyle for well over a decade.  After over two and half decades of building custom homes and developing property, he left the “rat race” to find an even more rewarding way of life.  He and his family have lived “off the grid” for the last 14 years. He now has a passion for teaching people the importance of being independent from the “systems” for their basic necessities of life.  Craig believes that in this fragile economy and nation of “dependency” and “convenience”,  we must not only practice “short term preparedness” but must also live a lifestyle of preparedness, becoming responsible for our own water, heat, and a year round supply of food.  In this way, one can be in a position to not only survive but to also be able to help others in a time of crisis.

Craig and his family have been giving “how to” seminars at locations all across the country for the past 6 years, and his son has produced “Sustainable Preparedness” DVDs on these topics. His seminar will be packed full of detailed information on how you can become more independent also!


Jerry Plocher

Jerry is an experienced sawyer and has been sharpening crosscut saws and anything else with an edge for years.  Jerry is a graduate of the highly esteemed NFS Crosscut Saw Maintenance & Sharpening course in Missoula, and he will be teaching a practical class on how to sharpen a crosscut saw.


Ron Zeitner

Ron is the owner of Northwest Diesel Offroad, a company that has done alternative fuel and diesel conversions for more than 10 years. He is also the producer of Biodiesel and WVO fuels. Right now he is in the business of producing 4X4 Bugout Vehicles. He will be presenting a seminar on what biodiesel is and how it is produced.


Fred Houck

His 40+ year career in groundwater development has been as the company representative for water well drilling companies in the field.  He selected each precise spot to drill, estimated the cost for the customer, wrote the contract, specified the pump system required and it's cost, and stood with each customer to see if his estimates and information proved correct.  He is responsible for over 4,000 successful wells in the Inland Northwest.

One of the frequently asked questions was "Can you recommend a hand pump that can be installed along with the main electrical pump system for backup during power outages??"  For 40 years his answer was " Sorry, I haven't found one I can recommend."

Now, after retiring and getting "tired of being retired" he partnered with Terry Deal and they worked to produce a hand pump they could be proud of and recommend.  The Storm Pump ( is the result.  He hopes to answer lots of questions about it from serious folks at the show.


Varrell Jackson

Varrell has been in the building maintenance field for over 30 years working for large corporations such as school districts. He is a qualified Maintenance Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, Welder, Carpenter, Large Equipment Operator, Locksmith; really he would call himself a jack of all trades, someone who is never afraid to try or learn something new. Varrell has been studying about wood gasifiers for over 15 years and has taken that knowledge and worked on improvements to design a wood gasifier that will allow you to run your generator or other small gasoline engine on wood. What would you do if gasoline was not available? Are you prepared?

He has started a small company called All American Wood Gas, located in Idaho. Currently he is building and selling small gasification units capable of running a gasoline engine up to about 20 horse power. Come see the live demonstration of my gasifier running a 20 horse power generator/welder on wood with “No Gasoline”!


Brian Betz

Brian is a tech at Backwoods Solar Electric Systems in Sandpoint, Idaho and has lived off-grid with his family for many years. He will be giving a presentation that will include a general overview of Solar, Wind and Micro-hydro charging of a battery based inverter system. An emphasis will be given on "off-grid" systems but "critical load" systems will also be included. A
critical load system would be of particular interest to folks who are currently on the grid but are interested powering certain parts of their home. This normally includes refrigeration, water pumping systems as well as power for lights and other small appliances. General system equipment costs will be covered, as well. If time allows, a question and answer session will
follow the presentation.


Myron Mills, MD, MPH

Dr. Mills’ primary postgraduate work was in emergency medicine.  He gained his second specialty in occupational/environmental medicine while earning a Masters in Public Health.  Dr. Mills worked at the Hanford Nuclear Site where he was director of clinical operations and has also been trained at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility in acute radiation emergencies. He will be speaking on health outcomes after a nuclear disaster and ways to mitigate the health impact.


Crystal DuBoyce

Crystal and her husband are origionally from the Hawaiian islands. They bring to you a taste of their cooking style that reflects their island roots. Her passion, coupled with Brian's (her husband) passion for creating art you can eat became The Maui Vegetarian, a family dedicated to making a positive difference in people's lives by feeding and teaching. They will be presenting on different ways to do sprouts, and why it is the perfect survival food!


Carlos Antuna

An amateur radio operator since his teens, Carlos has traveled throughout America and Europe using amateur radio. He currently resides in WA, in a rural area with poor cell coverage. He is involved in his community and county assisting regular traffic and in emergencies. He is also president of NAARA, bringing amateur radio to churches, schools groups and missionaries so they can stay in touch with each other.  He will speak how learning to use amateur radio now will assist you in times of emergencies.


Kevin & Janiene Rise

Coming shortly...



Joel Ho


Coming shortly...



Margrit Kraus




Margrit has been canning for many many years and will be sharing the basics of preserving unconventional items such as nuts.  She will also be teaching how to produce the German masterpiece--Sauerkraut!




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