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Dealing With Peach Leaf Curl Naturally

b2ap3_thumbnail_PeachTree.jpgThis spring as our fruit trees were blossoming and leafing out, I noticed that many of the leaves on our peach tree were abnormally shaped, with red blisters on them.  Craig looked on the internet and we determined that our peach tree was suffering from peach leaf curl, a fungal disease that affects stone fruit trees.  Articles that we found suggested pesticides that would take care of the disease but would ruin our fruit crop for this year.  But I wanted to find a treatment that would be natural or organic, and that wouldn't harm either us or the peaches!

A couple of  articles that we found suggested using oil of oregano, and one was more specific about how to  dilute the oil of oregano in water and then spray the solution on the fruit tree.  We happen to use oil of oregano for other uses at home and already had some on hand, so that sounded like a good plan to me!  Oil of oregano is supposed to possess natural antibiotic, anti fungal, and antiviral properties.  One article said to make a solution using 6-7 ml. of oregano or thyme oil per gallon of water and then spray it on the tree.  They suggested two or three applications.  Our tree was not dormant, and there were peaches on it already, but I went ahead and decided to give it a try.  I mixed up a gallon of the solution and used a 16 or 24 oz. spray bottle, as our tree is not full-grown yet so I didn't need a large amount of solution for each application.  Along with spraying the tree, we also picked off all of the leaves which were affected by the disease and then burned them.


b2ap3_thumbnail_PeachLeafCurl.jpgSince we sprayed, both the leaves on our tree and the growing peaches looked very healthy and we enjoyed the peaches off our tree this fall.  Our whole crop was saved, thanks to oil of oregano!  The articles I read say that to prevent future problems, spray trees in the fall once the leaves have fallen off, or in the spring before budding takes place.

The best place that I would recommend for purchasing oil of oregano is from Walt and Mary Lou Cross, owners of The Mustard Seed, 331 Cosby Hwy, Newport, TN 37821. Tel: 423-623-4091. You might not find the oil of oregano on their website, but just call them and they'll get some to you no matter where you live!

Here's a link to two articles about this natural treatment: 
Wood Street Gardens
Free Patents Online


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b2ap3_thumbnail_question.png Have you dealt with Peach Leaf Curl before? If so, what did you find that worked naturally?


  • Guest
    kcdoodle Monday, 28 October 2013

    Sorry, my beautiful little dwarf peach tree had to be cut down. I got the Reliance peach and planted it at a considerable distance from where the diseased one was. Seems that if we have to spray fruit trees with such strong poison to kill the disease like that, it defeats the purpose of growing fresh fruit. The reliance was from Stark Bros. and has done well every year since it was planted... and it had fruit the first year. It was so worth it, and not working and working to have had it risk dying anyway!!! TIME is money AND health here.

  • Guest
    Sheri Friday, 01 November 2013

    I live in Washington State and I planted (2) bare root "Frost" peach trees. Both were hit with peach leaf curl. I read that the "Frost" was better at fighting off peach leaf curl but with our heavy rains they were still struggling. One was hit so bad that it suffered branch death (only one live branch left) and had to be removed. The other one was a bit effected this spring but managed to put on growth & fruit (I removed the fruit) and is now quite healthy. I sprayed them with organic Neem oil diluted with water. I'm going to try the oil of oregano next time and plant oregano at their feet. Thank you for the tip!

  • Guest
    Rick Price Sunday, 03 November 2013

    Dealt with leaf curl this past year with one of my young peach trees. First off, look for varieties resistant to leaf curl. But I had two trees right next to each other, one affected the other not. I decided to let things play out and see what happened. The leaf curl tree looked pretty ugly although it set fruit along with the other. Things progressed normally after that with the curled leaves dropping off and even growing more normal leaves! And the fruit was quite tasty. I find the best defense for plants and trees is the same as for my body and that is a strong immune system, bolstered by good nutrition. In this case highly mineralized soil with an active microbial population fed with plenty of sugars and organic material will make for healthy plant growth. Remember nature only takes out its weakest members so only the strong will proliferate.

  • Guest
    Donna Friday, 26 June 2015

    What do you feed your trees?

  • Guest
    Ann Sunday, 03 November 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing this advice. Our peach trees suffered from leaf curl this year too and the most natural approach I could find for treating it was to use lime sulfur, which I couldn't bring myself to doing. Therefore, I let the trees do their own thing and God blessed us to have a tasty harvest of peaches from at least one of the trees that didn't get hit hard. I will try the oil of oregano. We have used it with great success medically.

    Now that we have an apparent fix for leaf curl, any advice on how to keep the bears and deer away from the peaches. We were able to enjoy two harvests from the one tree before the bears came and enjoyed the rest!

  • Guest
    dave Saturday, 31 March 2018

    30-06 does well

  • Guest
    Karl Sunday, 14 May 2017

    I'm also fighting Peach Leaf curl this year in Northern California. We are just about ready to try the oil of oregano.
    I have struggled in years past with dear coming into our Orchard of 80 Peach and nectarine trees. After we failed to keep the deer out by fencing the orchard I decided instead of trying to keep the deer out with the fence I would keep a dog or two inside the orchard. I use the orchard as a dog run and have not seen a deer near my Orchard for a year.
    I also have about 8 chickens in the orchard which keeps the leaves down the bugs eaten(especially ants), and the orchard fertilized.
    Of course you need to find dogs that don't kill the chickens.

  • Guest
    Mary Lou Monday, 15 May 2017

    Or dogs that don't love peaches, like mine does!

  • Guest
    Lyn Sunday, 03 November 2013

    Both my Elberta Peach tree and also my Nectarine had Peach Leaf Curl. Almost 1/2 of each tree was infected and the disease was moving fast. I found info on the net about using a 20 percent (or so) solution of Clorox to 1 gallon of water. I sprayed our trees, all the diseased leaves fell off, and new growth started. I never got any peaches, but did get a few nectarines this year. Hope to get a full crop of fruit from both trees next year after I spray with a dormant oil spray this Fall.

  • Guest
    Vic Monday, 16 June 2014

    Hi, I went to your link for the "Mustard Seed". They have no Oregano, no spices, no bulk food. I think that they closing their site. - Where else do you know that Oil of Oregano, at a good price? Thanks

  • Guest
    Joanie Thursday, 25 June 2015

    I can get you Wild Oregano (origanum vulgari) Essential oil, 15 ml for $20. email me at sewgroovy51@gmail.com.

  • Guest
    Ann Tuesday, 17 June 2014

    This advice works. We had peach leaf curl on our trees last year. When we noticed the curl coming again early this year when buds and even peaches were forming, we sprayed the oil of oregano on them after clipping and trashing damaged leaves. Long story short, we'll be enjoying peaches soon! We also used it on our tomato plants that were showing signs of leaf wilt earlier in the season and now the plants are booming with tomatoes. We had been taking oil of oregano at the first sign of illness and it would always stop the illness from becoming full-blown. We are so blessed to know there is another great use for it! Vitacost.com has the lowest price we found on oil of oregano. We buy the super strength wild P73 oil by North American Herb and Spice.

  • Guest
    The snail Thursday, 28 May 2015


    I heard about Oregano oil to cure peach leaf curl. I went to the local grocery store and bought some Oregano as a dried herd. I put two teaspoonfuls full into 2 pints of boiling water and after 5 minutes filtered out the 'tea leaves'. I sprayed my tree with the resulting 'tea' after it had cooled down. I repeated this treatment 3 or 3 times over the course of 2 weeks. I left the curled leaves on the tree. The curl spread no further and in time the affected part of the leaves turned black.

  • Guest
    Bill Truscott Friday, 05 June 2015

    I am a Commercial Grower. What you describe as a result would have happened had you done nothing. The infection happened during the dormant period and does not spread after wards. The leaves will simply fall off and the crop will be unaffected other than by the loss of the leaf surface area. You cannot "cure" peach leaf curl once its there. It is not a catastrophic disease and can be prevented by using two fixed copper applications in the fall when the leaves are coming off to protect the leaf scar left when the leaf comes off. In the early spring while the tree is dormant an application of Fixed copper again or a product called Ferbam will work well. The wetter the spring is the greater the risk of infection. Oil of Oregano didnt do anything other than smell like spaghetti sauce. sorry. Fixed copper is an organic product Ferbam I do not believe is however is an iron based fungicide.

  • Guest
    Sheri Friday, 05 June 2015

    Thank you for this information Bill!

  • Guest
    Kris Saturday, 20 June 2015

    Our reliance peach tree has been suffering from peach leaf curl for several years, not too long after we planted it. We had one good crop of peaches the first year. We tried the copper sprays as a last resort because I don't use chemicals on any of my plants or trees. We sprayed the copper at the appropriate times. It didn't work. In fact, last year, we had no peaches. Frustrated, I took to the Internet and found this great article among others. I purchased 100% Oregano Oil from Amazon. I mixed about 1 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon of water and sprayed during bud swell. It left a nice protective coating on the branches. Well, let me tell you, oil of oregano works! This spring, our peach tree had gorgeous pink flowers and now is loaded with healthy looking peaches. Not one sign of peach leaf curl any where after all these years. Coincidence? I don't believe so. Oil of oregano does work. I'm now spraying it on my cherry trees. I read an article its good for stone fruit. Tho apples aren't stone fruit, I'm going to try it on my two apple trees to see if I can control fire blight even better than the white vinegar and water mixture. I do have apples and the tree looks healthy for the most part, but I'd like to perfect them. Oh-- and if you're looking for an effective natural product to control leaf eating bugs, use 100% cold compressed Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil. You can buy it on Amazon. It's great for controlling aphids on roses and makes the leaves shine beautifully. Just don't spray oils in extreme hot, sunny temperatures. I spray mine at dusk. Natural gardening can work but it takes time, commitment, and patience. The pay off is remarkable. It's amazing to see the little Eco-system we created in our back yard. Many of the plants, shrubs, and trees we planted are bird attracting. We have birds, frogs, lady bugs, preying mantis, grass hoppers, butterflies, and more in our fenced-in yard in our neighborhood where chemicals and grub mix are used. The creatures have all moved to our house. LOL. Most importantly, we have beloved pets who we hang out in the backyard with us and we don't want them exposed to chemicals in our yard. Happy gardening!

  • Guest
    Melody Thursday, 25 June 2015

    Great info! What about Peach/Nectarine tree borer & bark puncturing insects? My 3 yr old trees have a lot of oozing in multi-sites, it takes a lot of work to try to find the culprits, clean up the areas & feels like I'm just chasing it & the damage is already done. Any good preventatives, that stops them (barriers or coatings, wood ash, kaolin clay, other)? Has anyone found a solution to this?

  • Guest
    Kris Saturday, 15 August 2015

    have you tried neem oil? they won't like the taste of it. 100% cold compressed Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil. You can buy it on Amazon.

  • Guest
    Christopher Thursday, 25 June 2015

    My experience here in central Idaho indicates that peach leaf curl is THE reason why there are NO wild peach trees.
    We always sprayed copper sulfate mixed with hort oil, during the dormant season. However, it seems that adding oil of oregano to the dormant spray could be helpful, since it is a powerful anti-fungal agent.
    Bill is correct, that simply picking off the symptoms of the disease during the summer does not cure the problem. And peach leaf curl will get worse every year until it kills the tree, if you don't fight it.

  • Guest
    philip Friday, 26 June 2015

    I've had good luck with garlic. Here in Atlanta. Used soft and hard neck, hard is best.

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