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How to Measure Vertical Fall of Your Water Source

b2ap3_thumbnail_picture20.gifTo measure the vertical fall of your water source, you will need some form of a level. The Preferred instrument is an optical sight that has a level built into it. This device allows one to sight a level line while looking through the optical sight. One such level is made by CST/Berger and is called a "Locke Hand Level" (around $20).  If an optical level is unavailable, a short carpenter's level may be used.

First, measure the height of your eye level (from the ground to your eye). Then start at the bottom end of your water source. Sight a level line and find where that line intersects the ground upstream. Have a second person mark that spot. Then stand at the marked spot and sight another line until it intersects the ground further upstream.

Repeat this, counting the number of times you repeat it, until you reach the highest point of your water source. Now multiply the number of times it took to reach the source by the height of your eye-level. The result is your rise or head (Example: eye-level is 5 feet 6 inches. It takes 6 sightings to reach the source. 5 feet 6 inches times 6 equals 33 feet of rise or head.)

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    yalin gonzalez Wednesday, 17 April 2013

    good evening,
    I am interesting in this water system.
    Would you please tell me if is a person or a company available to do this water system at north Florida.

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    yalin gonzalez Tuesday, 04 June 2013

    when i asked about this water system on April. the info i received was about a wood stove that can heat water, which it's very good to know, however i would like to know if is someone that can do the job and the cost for the gravity water system.
    thank u very much. am sorry for using your time but i haven't be able to get this info with other peoples.

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