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Wood Cook Stoves and Sweet Rolls

The other day I made some more bread.  I ended up putting the bread in a little early so that it would still have room to rise before it would bake. But it just kept rising and wasn't baking, my oven wasn't hot enough to bake the bread. It did finally fall on top and looked pitiful! But the bread was really nice once I cut off part of the top and used it. The pizza crust turned out absolutely perfect! And so were the sweet rolls that I made. We couldn't hardly leave them alone they were so delicious!! The next day, when we went to town, we picked up an oven thermometer so that we can keep track of the temp. Hopefully that will make baking the bread much easier.

Sweet rolls from a wood cook stoveFriday I canned some more beans while I baked another batch of granola. The oven thermometer was such a blessing and really made a difference in helping me to keep track of the temperature. Sometimes I'd leave the oven door open only a crack, and other times I'd leave it open wider so that it didn't get too hot inside. I could have just closed the fire down except that I was canning beans on the stove top. The beans turned out perfect and all the jars sealed!

After doing a little research it seems that we have a Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove. I don't see any markings on it to indicate what type it is, but that's what it appears to be. I have a lot of friends who have the Flameview, which is a really nice stove and works much more efficiently. Since we are only here temporarily this stove is working out fine. Baking in the warmer weather hasn't been to bad. We open all the windows and doors, and use a fan to blow the hot air out if the house.

 Do you use a wood cook stove?


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    Cindy Thursday, 27 February 2014

    Did you bake the rolls and bread inside your woodstove? I've done potatoes and some other things inside the woodstove and found it so useful for baking. Here is my blog post on it.

    Did you use your oven thermometer inside the stove? I need to get one of them too. I have one for the top and want to try some dutch oven baking on and inside the woodstove. I'd love to share ideas if you have tried it yet.

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