Sustainable Preparedness Book

Sustainable Preparedness Book
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Sustainable Preparedness
Reclaiming Noble Independence in an Unstable World

Many feel that “preparedness” is a good thing.  They store gallon jugs of water, stock their pantry with canned food, buy a generator and gas cans, invest in a few gold or silver coins.  But what if the issues we face are more than a short-term problem?  more than just a few days of interruption...

Wouldn’t it be nice to live a lifestyle with Sustainable Preparedness already built in?  One that combines peace of mind with a superior quality of life?  A simpler lifestyle that places priority on the most important things?  It is within the grasp of anyone...even you.  Learn how to do it in this book.

Chapters include:

  1. The First Steps
    Beginning the process wherever you are
  2. Making a Living in the Country
    Tips to help you find work in your new location
  3. Finding Your Country Property
    What to look for in land or a homestead
  4. The Home Grocery Store
    Have it all--from produce department to bakery
  5. Becoming Energy Independent
    Making your own electricity at home
  6. Independent Water Systems
    Water systems that work--in good times and bad
  7. Heating with Wood
    The most independent and renewable way to heat
  8. Essentials for Making a Home Independent
    Criteria to consider when converting a home
  9. Will the Children be Deprived?
    Choosing an environment that will help them thrive
  10. Equipping for Country Living
    Useful tools to help you work efficiently

189 pages. Softcover.

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